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Courtney Davison | 2010 | July

Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.-Faunts_480Review – “Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.”

Faunts (Friendly Fire Recordings) Originally published by ʻSUP Magazine, January, 2009.

The other day I was the one choosing music at the office and after I hit “Next” I guess one too many times a coworker asked me if when I reviewed albums I just told people to skip all the slow songs. I yelped at him for thirty seconds or so, but then I was distracted and had to get up because the song that had come on was boring.

I do like dark, spacey, substance-inviting music. Really, I do. But in listening to “Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.” by Canadian dream pop band, Faunts, I realized that had all their synth lines been contained within parts of “Isn’t Anything” I’d never have listened to the whole album through — just fast forwarded to these instantly charming bits without giving the shyer MBV stuff a chance.


UUVVWWZReview – S/T, UUVVWWZ (Saddle Creek Records)

Originally published by ʻSUP Magazine, May 2009

Frankly “It’s Blitz!” was alright but left me wondering where Karen O’s spirit went, and hey! I think we’ve found it. With their self-titled debut, Lincoln, Nebraska’s UUVVWWZ are at once as melodically abrasive as Deerhoof, as mathematical and chaotic as Lightning Bolt, and as volatile with ambition as Patti Smith.

That’s a lot of things to be at once, a mashing of genres that, handled by the wrong kids, could come out overwrought and painful. (more…)